About Us

The Autistic Empire is an autistic social organisation built by and for autistic adults to form community based on autism as a civic identity and to provide practical tools and services for all autistic people. Launched in 2018, we are based in London, UK and have Citizens across the world. 

Five principles:

The Autistic Empire is built on five principles:

- Autism is an ordinary variant of human neurology
- All autistic people are one people
- We do not need a cure; we want solutions
- Autism does not disable us; societies disable us
- Autism does not excuse us from civility or personal development

Autistic people have the same hierarchy of needs as any humans – food, shelter, security, self-fulfillment and love. Uncountable sums are being spent on researching a cure instead of solutions to help us achieve the things that matter to us, and it is a waste of everyone’s time.

As long as the world continues to try to cure us or screen us out of existence at birth, it is our responsibility to build an autistic economy, and develop the tools and services we need ourselves.

Our shop stocks a range of products which are useful to the autistic consumer, interesting, or which were made by autistic artists. By supporting us, you are supporting an autistic-led business which invests of all its profits in autistic people and autistic liberation.