SensoRex™ Weighted Gravity Blanket

SensoRex™ Weighted Gravity Blanket

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Our gravity blanket, made by SensoRex™ is made of shining cotton and glass and silicone micro-beads of an equal size. The filling is selected so as to ensure top-tier comfort of sleep as well as prevent it from passing through to the outside of the cover. The cover itself is made from plush that is pleasant to the touch and decorated with quilts on one side. The other side remains perfectly smooth.

SENSO-REX™ weighted blankets for adults are made of highest quality materials: anti-allergic fillings and natural and soft fabrics for blanket cover. Fine quality can be seen in detail finishing, high stitching aesthetics, perfect distribution of weight across the sensory blanket.

Weight of the weighted blanket results in a better body arrangement, calming down proprioceptive receptors found in muscles, tendons and ligaments. In hypersensitive people the blanket dampens sensation and hyposensitive people can properly feel their own body.

When choosing your blanket, the blanket should be heavier than the person by ca. 10% to 15% and exceed their height by ca. 20 cm.

The blanket weight limits auto-stimulation movements, calms down and allows the user to fall asleep quickly and soundly. It considerably reduces or outright eliminates interruptions in sleep. Suitable for sleep at night or shorter naps.