The Autistic Empire has an online store hosted using Shopify which is available for autistic artists and suppliers to have their products/artwork purchasable online. Utilising drop-shipping technology, this provides a simple, straight-forward selling process for both customers and suppliers.


WhatsApp: 07707 047 872


If you have a digital product

 We have a print-on-demand integration which means that you can supply us with a design that can been printed on a range of standardised products such as t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, iPhone cases, and so on. When a customer orders one of the products, the payment, printing and shipping process is handled by the app and we receive a payment, which we will pass onto you less our commission. All you have to do is promote your design and get paid!

Please note design limit is maximum 35cm x 45cm.


If you have a physical product

If you have a physical product, the process is slightly longer, as we will have to forward orders to you for fulfilment. We would expect this to be shipped within 48 hours for a 5-7 day delivery time. We will act as a go-between with you and the customer should any support issues arise.

After the client receives the products and is happy, we will calculate how much you are owed and payout on a monthly basis or after the minimum threshold is reached (currently £10).


Technical Details

All sales are governed by all applicable UK laws and regulations.

You are covered by our product liability insurance, although we would recommend you have your own if you are selling significant volumes.

We have full editorial control over how and when we display and promote your product through our platform and through our media channels.


For more details and our template trade agreement for artists and creators, please email us at