Comms Tech

Comms Tech - short for communicational technologies - is a collection dedicated to alternative ways of delivering and processing information in social situations. 

One of our first affiliates is the talented Hannah Ensor - a UK-based cartoonist and creator of Stickman Communications: a range of keyring cards that function as non-verbal instruction sets for a wide range of difficult and not-so-difficult everyday situations. We are big fans of her work; the elegant, hand-drawn cards capture nuance and poignancy that will ring true to many Autistic experiences without overcomplicating the aesthetic and risking confusion or distraction. Complex messages and memories of bitter frustration, self-awareness, humour and optimism poetically integrate the simple stick figures with precise and functional texts.

We hope you can find a few you love or think may be useful to fit on your keyring, or order a pack and organize it with dividers (coming soon). 

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