Executive Tech

Executive tech is a collection dedicated to helping you plan, organize and track your life. Keep on top of things in a way that fits you best and makes you happy. 


Autistic people typically have a complicated relationship with executive function - the formal name for a broad set of neurocognitive functions or processes responsible for initiating, planning, organizing, sequencing, switching between and executing tasks. 

The precise biological underpinning of 'executive functions', or their anatomical correlation to assumed Autistic traits such as an atypical working/short-term memory and inhibition, difficulties with self-monitoring, propensity for repetition and routine remain poorly understood. Our community is extremely diverse, and to define Autistic people simply as deficient with regards to executive functioning would be unhelpful and inaccurate. Moreover, the struggle to get organized and stay happy in a social world of increasing external pressures and demands is by no means limited to our community. But Autistic people seem to have a truly different way of approaching problems, instructions, and tasks. The suggestions and solutions that help neurotypical people stay on top of things don't always fit our community. Too often, this leads to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and guilt.

Autistic Empire believes this doesn't have to be the case. We bring you a growing collection of products and hope that through trial, error and mutual support we can all find systems that help us keep track of our lives, so we can do more and feel better. 

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